How to crochet a simple top for your amigurumi doll

Every amigurumi doll needs underwear. That is why today we are going to crochet a simple top for my Francesca or Mia amigurumi dolls. Then you can make them in all colors.

La versión española.

It is very easy for beginners. In the video I show the process step by step. I also teach how to hide the ends after finishing the work.


ch – chain stitch
slst – slip stitch
sc – single crochet stitch
inc – increase
(…) x N – repeat all between (…) N times

Every round work in front loops only of the stitches.
28 ch. Slst in the 1 ch, make a circle.
1. 1ch, 28sc, slst in ch (28)
2. 1ch, (3sc, inc, 2 ch, skip 6 stitches, inc, 3sc) x 2, slst in ch (24)
3-4. 1cad, 24pb (24)
Cut the yarn and hide the ends.

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