How to crochet a cute panties for amigurumi dolls

Every amigurumi doll needs underwear. That is why today we are going to crochet panties for Francesca or Mia amigurumi dolls. Then you can make them in all colors.

La versión española.
Video tutorial on Youtube.


ch – chain
slst – slip stitch
sc – simple crochet
hdc – half double crochet

Work in the front loops only of the stitches.

28 ch. Slst in the 1 ch, working in rounds.
1. 1ch, 28hdc, slst in the ch (28)
2. 1ch, 28sc, slst in the ch (28)
3. 2 ch (between the legs), skip 14 stitches,
14sc (mark the 1 stitch with stitch marker),
2sc in 2 ch (between the legs),
1slst in marked stitch,
2sc in 2 ch (between the legs) on the other side,
in 14 skiped stitches (another leg) work 14sc.
Fasten off and weave in the tail.

Join thread in the 1st ch of the round 1

1ch, 6hdc, 1sc, 14slst, 1sc, 6hdc, slst in ch.
Fasten off and weave in the tail.

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