How to crochet a cute heart and make Valentine’s day cards

We are going to crochet some colorful hearts and make handmade Valentine’s day cards for our loved ones.

This pattern is only for free non-commercial personal use. You are not allowed to translate, sell or distribute this pattern without my permission, please send a direct link to whoever wants to share this pattern.

La versión española


Yarn and crochet hook suitable for this yarn.
You can use the rests of yarn, because a heart requires very little quantity of yarn.
You can try various types of yarn to see the size of the finished heart and to be able to plan your composition on the card.

Thick paper for the base of your card.
Glue or double-sided tape.
A pen or marker to write the message.
Your fantasy.

Abbreviations (US terms)

mr – magic ring
ch – chain stitch
slst – slip stitch
sc – single crochet stitch
hdc – half double crochet stitch
dc – double crochet stitch
inc – make 2 sc in the same stitch
inc3 – make 3 scin the same stitch

Let’s start!

In mr work:
1. 3 ch, 3 dc, hdc, sc, dc, sc, hdc, 3 dc, 3 ch, slst. (18)
Close the magic ring, pulling the thread of the start of the work.

2. Crochet hiding the thread of the work’s start inside the stitches.
In the space under 3 ch make 3 sc, inc, 4 sc, inc3, 4sc, inc, in the space under 3 ch make 3 sc, slst in sl st. (22)

The remaining threads you can secure, hide and cut. Or they can be part of the composition.

Make as many hearts as you need.

Then use your fantasy and place the hearts on your card. For your own (non-commercial) use you can use my examples, if you like them.
Write a nice message and voila!

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