Wide crochet pants for dolls

This is my first design in the New Year. A super comfortable crochet pants and it looks pretty in all colors. I have decided to share it with you. Happy New Year!

La versión española.

This pattern is only for free personal use. You are not allowed to translate, sell or distribute this pattern without my permission, please send a direct link to whoever wants to share this pattern. You are free to sell your finished product, but please credit the original designer when appropriate.

Abbreviations I used (US terms)

ch – chain
mr – magic ring
slst – slip stitch
sc – simple crochet
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet
inc – increase (two sc in the same stitch)
dec – decrease
inc_hdc – increase (two hdc in the same stitch)
inc_dc – increase (two dc in the same stitch)
(…) x N  – repeat all between () N times


For the doll size 24 cm I used the crochet hook 3mm and cotton yarn 75gr/311m. You can use your favourite yarn and hook.

In mr make 1ch, 6sc, join with slst in the ch.

Working each round only in FRONT loops of the stitches, unless otherwise stated in the pattern.
In the start of each round make 1 ch, in the end of each round join with slst on the ch.

1. inc x 6 (12)
2. (sc, 10ch, skip 2 stitches, 2sc) x 2 (28)
3. (2sc, hdc, 8dc, hdc, 2sc) x 2 (28)
4-5. 28sc (28)
6. (5sc, dec x 2, 5sc) x 2 (24)
7. 24sc (24)
8. 24hdc (24)
Fasten off and weave in the tail. 

The legs

Join the yarn in the first of two skiped stitches on round 2.
In the same stitch make 1sc, in the border of sc of round 2 make 1sc, in the space between sc and ch make 1hdc, in 10 ch make: 4dc, inc_dc x 2, 4dc, n the space between sc and ch make 1hdc, e in the border of sc of round 2 make 1sc, and 1sc in the second of two skiped stitches on round 2.
So now we have:
1. 2sc, hdc, 4dc, inc_dc x 2, 4dc, hdc, 2sc. (18)
2. 2sc, hdc, 12dc, hdc, 2sc. (18)
3. 8hdc , inc_hdc x 2, 8hdc (20)
4. 20hdc (20)
5. 9hdc, inc_hdc x 2, 9hdc (22)
6. 22hdc (22)
7. 10hdc, inc_hdc x 2, 10hdc (24)
8. 24hdc (24)
9. 11hdc, inc_hdc x 2, 11hdc (26)
10. 26hdc (26)
11. 12hdc, inc_hdc x 2, 12hdc (28)
12. 28hdc (28)
13. 13hdc, inc_hdc x 2, 13hdc (30)
14. 30hdc (30)
15. 14hdc, inc_hdc x 2, 14hdc (32)
16. 32hdc (32)
Fasten off and weave in the tail.  Make the second leg in the same way.

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