A crochet blouse for Francesca. Free crochet pattern.

The free crochet pattern of a simple but beautiful blouse for Francesca. You can wear it with a skirt or pants. Also you can crochet it for other dolls.
The full pattern of the doll is available in my shop.

This pattern is only for free personal use. You are not allowed to translate, sell or distribute this pattern without my permission, please send a direct link to whoever wants to share this pattern. You are free to sell your finished product, but please credit the original designer when appropriate.

La versión española.


ch – chain
slst – slip stitch
inc – increase
sc – simple crochet
{…}  – work all between {} in the same stitch
x – repeat


For the doll size 24 cm I used the crochet hook 3 and cotton yarn 75gr/311m.
A little button to button up the blouse.
Sewing needle to sew the button.

Make 15 ch.

Working the front loops only of the stitches all the rows.

  1. Skip the 1st ch, 2sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 1sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 4sc, 1sc,1ch,1sc}, 1sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 2sc. (22)
  2. 1ch, turn, 3sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 3sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 6sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 3sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 3sc. (30)
  3. 1ch, turn, 4sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 5sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 8sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 5sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 4sc. (38)
  4. 1ch, turn, 5sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 7sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 10sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 7sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 5sc. (46)
  5. 1ch, turn, 6sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 9sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 12sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 9sc, {1sc,1ch,1sc}, 6sc. (54)
  6. 1ch, turn, 54pb (54)
  7. 1ch, turn, 6sc , 1inc, skip 13 stitches, 1inc , 12sc, 1inc, skip 13 stitches, 1inc, 6sc. (32)

Slst in the ch of the row 7.
Now we will start working in rounds the front loops only of the stitches.

  1. 1ch, 7sc, inc x 2, 14sc, inc x 2, 7sc. (36)
    Slst in the ch of the round 1
  2. 1ch, (1sc in the front loop only, 3sc in the back loops only) x 9. (36)
    Slst in the ch of the round 2
  3. 1ch , (1sc in the front loop only, 1sc in the back loop only , skip 1 stitch, 1sc in the back loop only) x 9. (27)
    Slst in the ch of the round 3

Fasten off and weave in the tail.
Make a little loop with the yarn tail in the start of the work and sew a little button in the back to button up the blouse.

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